God’s Healing Power, When The Women of God Prayed On August 25, 2018, I was rushed to the Medical Center where I was diagnosed with Sciatica. Sciatica is pain in the back, hip, outer side of the leg, racing to the foot caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve. I was prescribed medication that I did not feel comfortable taking because of the side effects. I was determined “NOT” to take the high power pain medicine prescribed causing one to sleep for 8-10 hours and awake out of your mind. I was prescribed 600 mg Motrin to take every 8 hours, but determined it was not strong enough for the pain. The pain was agonizing. After two days, an acquaintance/ Woman of God suggested I call the Empowerment Moment Prayer Line. I was obedient. On the call, The Women of God were requesting prayer, supporting and praying for each other with such sincerity and power. Mrs. Jacqueline prayed, “ sometimes you get prostrate” those words stuck in my mind. I admittedly got in a prostrate position and cried to God, I need you, please God take away these sharp pains. As Mrs.Jacqueline continued to pray, I felt a calmness come over my body. The strong pain gradually subsided and I slept the entire night for the first time in days. I’m still recovering, but I have not felt the agonizing pain since that day. “Praise God Hallelujah”. Oh God is Awesome, Powerful, Marvelous, Faithful, Deliverer, Healer, Comforter, Almighty and I could go on and on…… Thank You God ! Thank You Mrs.Jacqueline for calling to check on me. Thank you for your Leadership! You are an Amazing Woman of God I will pray for All Keep me in your prayers! Thanks, Paula