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We are going to bless 1000+ families with gift cards, food, and toys this holiday season!! Join us and let’s work together to make an impact in our community in the midst of a pandemic .. you can help a woman in her family experience a touch of love this holiday season. We want them to not only have toys and food but joy and hope! Thanks for your support

Email me at on how you can be a part of touching a woman and her child’s life.


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Jacqueline supports women and helps them become  entrepreneurs and create their own Running out of their Past  and to their Destiny Formula and gain all the tools they needed to build  streams of income from what they already know.

Barbara Washington – Destiny Chasers

The workshop was designed to empower us with a level of unique training to help us rebuild, transform, and equip us with the knowledge needed to live our best life and become a positive influence in our community and a useful member in the body of Christ that we can pass forward. I must say that the richness of the information shared will help me to make quantum leaps to make my dreams a reality . Read Full Testimonial

Barbara Washington Destiny Chasers January 26, 2017

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