Every year Adventure & Victory. Building the Bridge programs strive to build Healthy, Happy, and Productive Families in our community. Thank You for Your Support

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Ladies, understand that it doesn’t matter where you start, it matters how you finished.

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Adventure & Victory Inc.

Rebuilding, Transforming, and empowering women and their families lives by providing access to education, job training, financial literacy, and spiritual support.

Today, you can help to provide relief to women and their families, to help ease the burdens of some stressful and hopeless times by donating gift cards for groceries  and gas cards.  Your help is vital for families in our community giving them a hand up not out.

Education and Empowerment:

Equipping women and their families with the tools needed for success.

Destiny Chasers & Dream Builders:

Programs that promote personal development, spiritual enrichment, sharing your story, vision, and your voice in the community.

Community Next Generation Engagement:

Programs that enable individuals, businesses and volunteers to engage in their community.

Empowerment Moment Business Networking Meeting

Life Skills Coaching

Community Outreach

Success Stories

What Women Are Saying about Destiny Chasers & Dream Builders Sessions

Jacqueline and her team supports women and helps them become  entrepreneurs and create their own Running out of their Past  and to their Destiny Formula and gain all the tools they needed to build  streams of income from what they already know.

Calandra Williams – Destiny Chasers

Going through her program ignited so much within me in such a short time. Dreams that I had deep within me, came alive. I was walking in my purpose. I was learning new things and even sharing new things with those around me. My fire was burning brightly for the world to see. It wasn’t for my glory but God’s glory. See as I walked into the next dimension in my life, God was doing a new thing in me. Read Full Testimonial

Calandra Williams Destiny Chasers Program Destiny Chasers Coaching June 29, 2023

Jacqueline Stewart – Destiny Chasers & Dream Builder

Life skills training is a life and career transformation to a higher level that you can’t imagine until you experience. Thank you, Jacqueline Johnson with Adventure and Victory for your dedication to transforming lives and assisting women in discovering their destiny! Read Full Testimonial

Jacqueline Stewart Life Skills Coaching July 7, 2023

Re’Gine Green – Destiny Chasers

God has done so much for me I don't know where to start. He placed Jacquleine Johnson in my life at just the right time. I did not even know that I needed a life coach or what one was. She has helped me develop into a stronger, more confident, goal driven woman of God. Every day I will encounter new challenges and trials, but now I have a deeper knowledge and insight on how to handle what life brings. Read Full Testimonial

Re'Gine Green Destiny Chasers Program July 26, 2023

Shaletha Marshall – Destiny Chasers

The workshop was designed to empower us with a level of unique training to help us rebuild, transform, and equip us with the knowledge needed to live our best life and become a positive influence in our community and a useful member in the body of Christ that we can pass forward. I must say that the richness of the information shared will help me to make quantum leaps to make my dreams a reality . Read Full Testimonial

Shaletha Marshall Destiny Chasers August 9, 2023

Patricia Murphy – Destiny Chasers

I want to thank Jacquelyn for the leadership she displayed during this 8 weeks. I recommend this course to all who are willing to open their hearts , minds and most importantly their spirit to what God has destined for your life. You will learn the discipline and move by faith to focus on tools to which you need to become successful in every area of your life. Read Full Testimonial

Patricia Murphy Destiny Chasers Program August 9, 2023

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