About Adventure & Victory

Rebuilding, Transforming and Empowering Lives!

Adventure & Victory was founded in 1993 by Jacqueline Johnson with a passion for women and their families to come together and function together in love and unity. The mission of Adventure & Victory Inc. is to provide quality educational life-skills, leadership and on-the-job training programs that empower low and moderate-income women and their families the tools needed to reach their full potential as contributing members of society. Adventure & Victory provides men, women and their families the opportunity to participate in activities that enhance positive family growth, work-force development and the ability to seek, secure, and hold long-term employment. The vision of Adventure & Victory is to enable women and their families to bridge their lives from hopelessness to hopefulness through a flourishing multifunction educational facility.

Jacqueline Johnson

Jacqueline Johnson


Jacqueline is one of the premiere voices that is being raised up to help others discover  their true purpose, passion  and strength.    Jacqueline Johnson is a 21st Century market place prayer leader, author, certified life coach, and an ambassador of hope who is making  a difference in her own unique way.  She is the founder of  Adventure & Victory, a mentor and a Minister of Hope  under the tutelage of Bishop Jakes for 17 years. Jacqueline is making a power-packed difference in our community by proving life skills and community outreach events. She has  been awarded the ‘Unsung Heroes’ award by Ebony magazine, and Pine-Sol, Jacqueline’s primary focus is to provide the necessary tools that will establish meaning and purpose and assist individuals  in reaching their full potential,  and becoming contributing members of society. Learn more at adventurevictory.org