Friday, April 8th, proved to be a pleasant trip down memory lane. It was Career Day at H. Grady Spruce High School in Dallas. As I walked the halls among students (some running to beat the bell), teachers and administrators (standing outside their classrooms and in the hallways to ensure order), I was reminded of my high school days and all the elements they offered – diversity, opportunities, encouragement, direction, to name a few.

Jacqueline Johnson was in rare form as she presented power packed information on how to become an entrepreneur (an agent of change). Her delivery was passionate, practical, interactive, and motivating. I had to remind myself I was not present to respond and share my dreams, but rather serve the woman of the hour. Her energy and factual information was just that influential. I, along with many of the students (and teacher), felt confident enough to take on the world and destiny at that very moment!

The most moving part was at the end of one class when a young man displayed his entrepreneurial skills by selling snacks to his classmates. It brought everything full circle, and confirmed that our youth are already equipped with greatness inside; and that with an encouraging boost, there’s no limit to their success. I was honored to be in the labor room and witness the birth of future entrepreneurs coached by one of our best midwives!