Prayer in the City

I want to start this email by saying thank you for the invite to the prayer breakfast. I came to the event expecting to showcase my product and services but little did I know that God was getting ready to change my life. After breakfast, we entered to the prayer room. Through prayers, all the personal problems that were weighing me down started to be lifted off my shoulder. I felt as the prayer continued I was being set free from bondage. I left a bit early because I was overwhelmed with emotions. I felt like a new person because for the first time in months I picked up a bible and ask God to please help me which he did. I felt that the event was set to bring me closer to him but also release me any bondage the enemy had over my life, health and finances. I can’t thank you enough Jacqueline for this powerful breakfast prayer for you truly impacted my life for the better.

Alexander Odiari