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Building the Bridge for Families to Cross

Join Us in giving Hope to the Hopeless

We would like to request your support of a tax-deductible donation for the ‘Building A Bridge Outreach Campaign ‘ which will assist us with rebuilding, transforming, and empowering the lives of those who are disadvantaged and living below the poverty line and needing life skills to enhance their education, as well as their growth socially, emotionally, and economically in our community.

Adventure Victory has been working tirelessly and has invested twenty one years in the Dallas area community transforming the lives of people of need from a state of “Hopelessness to Hopefulness.” This is the mantra in which we have dedicated our efforts.

Our programs fall into two groups: Women/Girls Life Skills  Empowerment and Community Outreach services. These programs that are geared to helping individuals who feel, and know, they are not living up to their potential; who are frustrated with not being able to accomplish goals, and achieve the level of success they desire in various areas of their lives.  Adventure & Victory steps in and help individuals discover, and get real about, things that have been holding them back.  We  step in to begin moving individuals towards amazing results.

Outreach programs to include:

  • Life Skills
  • Prayer Support
  • Clothing/Gas cards
  • Back-to-school supplies for hundreds of children each year
  • Holiday Drives to assist with providing meals, shelters, and toys
  • Empowerment Outreach Tours

Supporting women who are starting out are starting over but ready to run out of their past and into their destiny, They may be single, divorced, widowed, are unemployed who  have put their dreams on the shelf.

We provide strategies and techniques to move their lives forward toward passion, power, profit  and personal fulfillment.

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