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Dear prospective sponsors:

Adventure & Victory, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides quality educational and life skill programs for children and their families to reach their full potential as contributing members of society. Our objective is to aid and strengthen disadvantaged/low income families in our communities, especially women and children. Over the years, we have been able continually to meet our objectives because of contributions from heartfelt friends, corporations, and foundations.

We are committed to making a difference in the lives of individuals and their families.

We are excited and passionate about the work we are doing in the community, and we look forward to continuing this incredible legacy.

How You Can Help!

While we are gearing up and excited about the mission going forward. I need your help with the mission of Transforming, Rebuilding and Empowering the future of today’s families. As prospective sponsors, I would like to invite you to help us by simply becoming a monthly financial partner. Your monthly donation is tax deductible. Below are the list of ways you can participate:

  • Sponsor a Outreach Event
  • Sponsor a girl or a woman life skill workshop
  • Sponsor Mother’s Day Event
  • Sponsor Radio Program
  • Sponsor a Prayer Brunch
  • Sponsor Printing

As a monthly financial partner, you will be gaining valuable visibility and joining hands with other great Dallas organizations. Also, we will list your company on our promotional outlets.

Thank you for partnering with us! Donations are Welcomed and Appreciated

Adventure & Victory, Inc.

Rebuilding, Transforming and Empowering LIves

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Your donations are a vital resource to help Adventure & Victory to provide goods and services to families in need, right in our own community! Your help is greatly needed and appreciated!

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